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Whatis TISI Certification 

TISI is short for Thai Industrial StandardsInstitute, affiliating to Thailand Industry Department .TISI is formulate thedomestic and international standards to meet the local needs and supervise theproduct as well as conformity process to ensure the compliance and recognitionof standards.

TISI is governmental authorized regulatoryorganization for compulsory certification in Thailand and also the managementinstitute for standard formulation and certification .On the other hand, it isresponsible for lab approval, training and registration. We also have tomention that there is no non-governmental compulsory certification body inThailand.

There is voluntary and compulsorycertification and products are permitted to access to the following TISI markwhen they complies with standard. Products for which the relevant standard isnot available at present, product registration will be considered and executedas interim compliance method

CompulsoryCertification Mark      Voluntary CertificationMark  

Compulsory Certification Scopes 

The compulsory certification covers 60standards in 8 industries, including: Civil and construction material;Consumer's products; Electrical/ electronic engineering; Fluid, engineering;Food; Heat transfer, engineering; Medical, science; Paints, colour, andvarnishes; Mechanical Engineering and Vehicles; Chemical. Products beyond thisscope are fall within the voluntary certification.

Secondary cells and batteriescontainingalkaline or other non-acid electrolytes - safety requirements for portablesealed secondary cells, and for batteries made from them, for use in portableapplicationsfalls under the compulsory certification scope.

Applied standards: TIS 2217-2548 (2005)

License issuance authority:  ThaiIndustrial Standards Institute

Requirementof marking label 

1. secondary (rechargeable) Li or Li-ion;

2. batteryor cell designation;

3. polarity;

4. dateof manufacture (which may be in code);

5. nameor identification of manufacturer or supplier;

6. ratedcapacity;

7. nominalvoltage;

8. Cautionstatement;

9. disposalinstructions;

10. Recommendedcharging instructions.

Please be noted that 1) the appliedstandard shall mark under the TISI LOGO as follows:

TISI logo is not allowed to use on productbefore applying for TISI certification and getting any approval from TISI. Whenlicense is granted to importer, the TISI logo and name of license holder(importer name) shall print or mark on product before the goods exported intoThailand.


Criteria for family inclusion 

1. Sameproduct type (eg: Li or Ni  ,but Li isdifferent with Ni and belong to different type)

2. Samecell shape (cylindrical or prismatic )

3. Samepolarity

4. Sameimporter

5. Samefactory name

6. Sameimporter name 

Products meet all the above requirements atthe same time can share one common TISI license and it is not necessary toapply for a new license. And samples are only required for one of products,extra samples are not necessary for the other models to apply for TISI license.


Briefintroduction of Certification Process 

Required document for product and importerinformation provide to MCM and MCM will contact local importer inThailand to get other required document from them.

Productsamples and testing document provide to MCM who will send the samples toThailand and forward to local recognized lab to proceed testing.

MCMwill confirm the factory audit date and schedule with both manufacturer andauditor from Thailand two weeks in advance before they travel to china toensure good arrangement for everything .MCM is also provide the service ofonsite interpretation during the factory audit.   

MCMwill follow up closely and update the status of testing report and factoryinspection report. TISI license will be issued after two reports are filed toTISI for approval.

Thecompetitive advantage of MCM in TISI certification 

● MCMis cooperated with local certification body and lab ,which is able to providethe most economy price to client in shorter lead time ( with record to get thelicense in six weeks);

● MCMcan provide the one-stop service in closed loop from sending samples to factoryaudit, and license issuance and equipped with experienced engineer forassisting in factory audit. MCM has finished over 100 projects for clients upto now;

● MCMcan provide the latest and the most accurate certification information forconsultancy.