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What is Anatel Homologation

ANATEL is short for Agencia Nacional deTelecomunicacoes which is Brazil governmental authority for the approval ofcommunication products for both compulsory and voluntary certification. Itsapproval and compliance procedure are the same both for Brazil domestic andabroad products. If products are applicable to compulsory certification, thetesting result and test report must be in line with the specified rules andregulations as requested by Anatel. Product certificate shall be granted byAnatel first before product is circulated in marking and put into practicalapplication.

Whois liable for Anatel Homologation 

The Brazil governmental organization andother recognized certification body and testing lab are authority for analyzingthe production system of manufacturing unit, such as product design process,procurement, manufacturing process, after service etc to verify the compliancewith Brazil standard .Manufacturer shall provide some documents and samples fortesting and assessment.

MarkingLogo of Anatel

- Thesize of logo is vary with product size

- Approvalnumber shall put under the logo

- Thelogo shall print or mark on the product clearly and durable.


Anatel Homologation applied scope 

TypeI: End equipment connect to FSTS net by terminal contact;

           Equipment to connect personal telecom t to FSTS net;

           Equipment to connect FSTS net in the purpose of providing added valueservice.

TypeII: Any radio equipment that not covered in Type I such as : low voltageequipment;

             No permitted equipment or antenna.

TypeIII:  Any other equipment regulated andcontrolled by Anatel rules and regulations without covering in Type I and TypeII;

               Battery products belongs to Type III.

Anatel Homologation Process

Clientprovides the related document to MCM who will conduct initial preview 

MCMhelps to send samples to Brazil local recognized testing lab

         The test report and technical documentwill send for assessment and review by Brazil Certification body and thecertificate will also be issued by them

Uploadthe document for Homologation from Brazil importer or agent to Anatel Portaland make payment

Anatelwill analyze the submitted document and issue the Homologation certificate forcompliance

Testingresolutions for mobile battery

● Regulationfor Certification and Homologation of Telecommunications Products, approved bythe ANATEL’s Resolution 242, of November 30, 2000

● Resolution481+ 529


(1) Certificateholder/authorized holder (importer/manufacturer) must legally approved inBrazil; 

(2) Validity of certificate is up to theproducts and certificate for battery product is valid for one year;

(3) Usermanual , installation instruction and warning must be Portugal language andother documents can expressed in English;

(4) Markingplate is mandatory and shall cover all the requested information.


Advantageof MCM in Anatel Homologation

● Hardwaresupport : MCM is collaborated with Brazil local recognized testing lab toprovide the solutions for battery products to access the Brazil market andshorten the lead time.

 Software support : As a leading third partycertification and testing body for battery products, MCM focus on providing theprecise pre-testing service to ensure and improve product passing rate at onetime supported by a professional team with over 5 experienced workmates.