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Certification Overview

Standards and certification documents

Test Criteria: GB31241-2014: Lithium-ioncells and batteries used in portable electronic equipments -- Safetyrequirements.

Certification documents: CQC11-464112-2015:Lithium-ion cells and batteries used in portable electronic equipments --Regulation of safety certification. 


Background and Date of implementation

1GB31241-2014standard published on December 5th, 2014;

2GB31241-2014standard was officially mandatory implemented on August 1,2015. ;

3On October 15th,2015,Certification and Accreditation Administration released the technicaldecision that battery ,which is a key component in audio and video equipment,information technology equipment and telecommunications terminal equipmentshould be newly qualified with GB 31241.The decision stipulates all thebatteries used in above-mentioned equipment should be random tested perGB31241-2014, or certified individually.

IndicationGB 31241-2014 is anational compulsory standard. All the Li-ion battery products sold in Chinashall conform to GB31241 standard; the national supervision department willadopt the standard in casual inspection.

Range Of Application

GB31241-2014: Lithium-ion cells andbatteries used in portable electronic equipments -- Safety requirements. Mainlyfor portable electronic products not more than 18 kg intended to be carriedfrequently by the user, the main examples being as follows: The portableelectronic products listed below do not include all products, Therefore, theunlisted products are not necessarily within the scope of this standard.

The lithium-ion batteries and battery packsused in the wearable equipment need to meet the standards.

Electronic product category Detailed examples of various types of electronicproducts
Portableoffice products Laptopcomputers, PDA and so on
Mobilecommunications products Mobilephones, cordless phones, Bluetooth headset, walkie-talkie and so on
Portableaudio and video products Portabletelevision set, Portable player, Camera, Video camera and so on
Otherportable products Electronicnavigator, digital photo frame, game consoles, e-books and so on

Type Test Items

Celltest items Battery test item Protectioncircuit type test
Capacitytest Lowpressure Over-voltagecharging protection
Roomtemperature external short circuit Temperaturecycling Over-currentcharging protection
Hightemperature external short circuit Vibration Low-voltage discharge protection
Overcharge Mechanicalshock Overloadprotection
Forceddischarge Freefall Shortcircuit protection
Lowpressure StressRelief Highpressure resistance
Temperaturecycling Hightemperature Chargevoltage control
Vibration Washing Chargecurrent control
Mechanical shock Flameretardant requirements Dischargevoltage control
Freefall Over-voltagecharging Dischargecurrent control
Crush Over-currentcharging Chargeand discharge temperature control
Impact Low-voltagecharging
Thermalabuse Overloadshort circuit
Combustion Reversecharge


Certification mode

Certification mode

Certificationprocess Certificatevalidity period
Certification  mode 1

a. Certification application

b. Product type test

c. Evaluation and approval of certificationresults

d. review

reviewMode 1 only

The application for review should besubmitted 3 months before the expiration.

The applicant can independently choose oneof two review modes: First, Conduct the type test again and after the CQCqualified review, the validity of the certificate would extend for one year; 

Second, carry on factory inspection in accordance with the requirements of theinitial factory inspection, and the certificate will effective for thelong-term after CQC qualified review.

Certification mode 2

a. Certification application

b. Product type test

c. Initial Factory Inspection

d. Evaluation and approval of certificationresults

e. Supervision after the certification

Supervision after the certification

The certificate is valid for a long timeand the validity of the certificate is maintained through regular supervisionin Mode 2 and Mode 3.

Certification mode 3

a. Certification application

b. Product type test

c. Evaluation and approval of certificationresults

d. Supervision after the certification

Supervision after the certificationMode 3

In mode 3, the time of the first supervisionand inspection should be within 3 months after the certification, if it is notcompleted within 3 months, the corresponding valid certificate should besuspended.

Unit Division

a. The cells andbatteries shall be divided into different certification units.

b. The products fromdifferent manufacturer, factory, or manufacturing site shall be divided intodifferent certification units.

productname  Principle of Certification unit division 

1.the same positive and negative materials,the same separator, the same electrolyte;

2. the same protection devices(such as PTC,etc.);

3.the same shape (cylindrical (size must bethe same), square, soft package);

4.Assembly in the same way (winding type,laminated type);

5. Capacity distinction:

a. Cylindrical ( capacity 2400mAh);

( capacity 2400mAh)

b. Square and other:

metal shell, soft package shell

(capacity 1500mAh) (1500mAh capacity 3000mAh) (3000mAh capacity 5000mAh) ( capacity 5000mAh)


1. The same protection circuit (includingthe type of main protection component, device layout, etc.);

2. The same way of string and parallel;

3. Assembled in built-in or external wayshould be evaluated individually.

MCM advantages

● Qualification Accreditation: MCM is the accredited laboratory for both authority of CQC andCESI and its test report can be directly used for application of CQC or CESIcertification;

● Technicalsupport: MCM has lots of GB31241 testing equipments with more than 10Professional and skilled employees focused on the study and research for testingtechnology, certification, factory inspection and other certification field, andwe will provide more accurate and customized certification services for GB31241 project to the customers around the world.