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Whatis CE Certification?

CE marking is a passport for productsaccess to EU countries and EU Free Trade Association countries. Regulatedproducts (referred by new directives), whether they are produced by EU membercountries or not, if theywant to freely flow in EU market, these products mustconform with directives and requirements of related standards and label with CEmarking before entry into EU market .This is a mandatory requirement to relatedproducts ruled by EU laws. It provides unified and minimum technical standardsfor products from each country to trade in European market and simplifies tradeprocedure as well. 


Whatis CE directive?

It a legislative documents made by Councilof European Union and European Commission based on Treaty of Maastricht. Thefollowing directives are applicable for batteries

2006/66/EC (2013/56/EU) battery directive:Batteries conform to this directive must label with trash marking.

2014/30/EU EMC(electromagneticcompatibility)directive.Batteries conform to this directive must label with CEmarking.

2011/65/EU ROHS directive: Batteriesconform to this directive must label with CE marking.

Warm prompt: If a product needs to meetseveral CE (need to paste the CE mark) instructions, CE mark can be marked onlywhen product meet the requirements of all instructions.

Dimensional Requirements of CE Marking

EU issued CE Marking Directive 93/68/EEC on1993July 22nd that listed detailed demands on pattern, dimension, scale andprint on CE Marking, whereas the latest regulation (EC) No is 765/2008. Manufacturersare granted to print and employ CE Marking by themselves, whereas thedimension, scale and print must accord with following requests.

The proportional pattern of CE Marking isas follows:

a) The proportion of CE marking in abovepicture is a must despite of zoom in or out. Additionally, distance betweenletter C and E must be proportional as well.

b) The height of C and E shall be the sameand not less than 5mm.

c) Labeling any other markings on productsthat may cause misunderstanding as CE marking by the third parties isprohibited. They are only allowedto put on product or data tablet under thecircumstance that the CE marking is still keep visible and clear.


Trash making 

a). Batteries that their content of Hgexceeds 0.0005%; content of Cd is more than 0.002% and content of Pb is over0.004 shall illustrate with element symbol and their contents under the trash;

b). Trash marking must cover more than 3%of maximum area of battery, storage battery or battery pack .For cylindricalbatteries, trash marking shall at least cover 1.5% of area of battery orstorage battery .The maximum size can as large as5cmx5cm;

c) If the size of battery, storage batteryor battery pack is too small to less than 0.5x0.5cm, the trash marking is nolonger necessary.However, there must be a trash marking more than 1x1 cmprinted on the package.

Thenecessity of applying for CE Certification

CE Certification unifiesproduct technicalspecification for each country trading in European market and simplifies tradeprocedure. To access to E.U market and EFTA(European free trade area),productsfrom any countries must accredit with CE certification and label with CEmarking. Therefore, CE certification is a passport to enter E.U and EFTAmarket. It indicates that products meet safety requirements ruled by EUdirective. It is also a commitment from enterprise to consumer, increasingtheir products credibility.Also, products with CE marking will reduce salesrisk in European market.

Thebenefits to apply for CE certification

1) EU laws, regulations, and coordinate standards are not only large inquantity, but also complex in content. Therefore, obtaining the CEcertification is a very smart choice to save time and effort, and to reduce therisk;

2)  ACE certificate can help to earn the trust of the consumers and marketsupervision institution to a maximum extent;

3 ) It can effectively prevent the irresponsible allegations situation;

4) CE certificate will be legally binding technical evidence in the case ofthe lawsuit cases;

5) Once enterprise was punished by EU countries, certification bodies willbe sharing risks together to reduce the risk of the enterprise.


The advantages of MCM on CE certification

● MCM, up to more than 20 professional andtechnical team engaged in the work in the field of battery CE certification,can provide customers with faster and more accurate and updated CEcertification information;

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