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【India】BIS Compulsory Registration Scheme


BIS Compulsory Registration Scheme (CRS)

On the purpose of improving quality of IT,technical and information products in India and resisting against dumping oflow quality and cheap imported products, Indian Department of Electronics andInformation Technology, DEIT formally carried out Compulsory RegistrationScheme on Oct 3rd, 2013 for electronic products. Regulated products shallcomply with applicable India safety standards and CRS requirement before theyare imported, issued or sold to India. All products affiliate to listedproducts under CRS shall register in Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS). 15 moreproducts were added to this scope in 2014 Nov and expand to 30 kinds ofproducts now. The compulsory registration will apply to power bank on May 13,2015 and August 13, 2015 for batteries. However, after 3 times of delay, thecompulsory registration has been carried out compulsively on June 1, 2016.

Mandatory Items under BIS 

Published in 2012 November:Electronic Games (Video)、Laptop/Notebook/Tablets、

Plasma/ LCD/LED Televisions of screensize 32" & aboveOptical Disc Players with built in amplifiers of input power 200W and above、MicrowaveOvens

Visual Display Units, Video Monitorsof screen size 32" & above、Printers, Plotters、Scanners、Wireless Keyboards、Telephone Answering Machines、Amplifiers with input power 2000W andabove、Electronic Musical Systems with inputpower 200W and above、Electronic Clocks with Mains Powers、Set Top Box、Automatic Data Processing Machine.

Published in 2014 November:Power Adaptors for IT EquipmentsPower Adaptors for Audio, Video& SimilarElectronic Apparatus、UPS/Invertors of rating≤5kVA、DC or AC Supplied Electronic Control gearfor LED Modules、Sealed Secondary Cells/Batteries containing Alkaline or othernon-acid Electrolytes for use in portable

applicationsSelf-Ballasted LED Lamps for General Lighting Services、Fixed General Purpose LED Luminaries、MobilePhones、Cash Registers、Point of Sale Terminals、Copying Machines/Duplicators、Smart Card Readers、Mail Processing Machines/Postage Machines/FrankingMachines、Passport Reader、Power Banks for use in portable applications.

Testing India standards

1、For batteriesIS 16046:2015         For power bankIS 13252 part-1)2010(Amendment 2)

2Guidelines for series approval of products




       Same nominal voltage

       Same construction designand cells


Powerbank(USP Charging)

       Same rated input voltage

       Same construction design

       Same degree of ingressprotection

       Same PCB design and layout

       Same battery/cell type

       Same enclosure


Marking requirements

The logo as attached in the right should be displayed on the products andpackage if the products conform to the related requirement and standard.

1.  This compulsory marking requirement is applied on June 30, 2016.

2.  Its photographic reduction and enlargement is permitted. The display of IS number, Registration number and words shall not be less than Arial font size 6.

3.  The 'Standard Mark' can be displayed in single colour or multi-colour. For single colour Standard Mark, there is no restriction In the choice of the colour. For multicolour Standard Mark, the colour scheme shall be Red, Blue and Black.

Registration process

MCM advantages in India BIS certification under compulsory registration scheme 

● Achievements: In 2015, MCM helped the client get the first battery certificatieglobally. Up to now, over 2000 certificates were processed by MCM.

● Technicalsupport: Over 20 engineers of International Engineering Dept. provides one stopsolutions and services including sending samples, custom clearance, testing,local representative as well as BIS registration which will simplify processfor customer to provident convenient services.

● Hardwaresupport:  MCM establish CRS registrationchannels in Dehli of India and Guangzhou & Shenzhen of China,which undoubtedly speed up the testing and certification services for pack,cell, power bank, LED, mobile phone and adaptor.