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JobName Sales Assistant
WorkPlace Guangzhou Job Content JobNum 1 Endtime 2016-11-05

Job requirements:

1) College degree or above, major in marketing, business administration or related; 

2) At least 2 years working experience in sales assistant or order management, sales support or customer service experience is preferred;

3) Has a good adaptability, communication, good language skills, interpersonal sensitivity and customer service awareness;

4) Excellent fresh graduates are also available, can be trained as sales manager.

1) Assist the sales manager to make the sales plan; 

2) Collect and analyze sales area sales information and provide reference for sales manager;

3) Assist in the development and maintenance of the sales market;

4) Responsible for sorting customer information and participate in the customer's documentary work;

5) Be responsible for the customer's situation, do a good job of customer and company information communication;

6) Assist sales manager to follow up and after sales;

7) Assist the sales manager to win the customer orders and complete the sales target;  

8) Responsible for the sales report and accounting information, promote the recovery of sales proceeds;  

9) Responsible for collecting and sorting the sales market;

10) Coordinate with sales manager to collect market information regularly;

11) To assist the sales manager to find a variety of channels to obtain sales market related information;

12) Complete other tasks assigned by sales manager.

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