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MCM full advance power battery detection


Recently, MCM and the Ministry of information industry of chemical and physical power inspection center (China Electronic Technology Group eighteenth Research Institute, referred to as Tianjin eighteen) reached a cooperation agreement, the strength and the MCM Tianjin eighteen where battery testing and research in battery testing industry severe vertical development direction of fit.

MCM has been perpendicular to the battery detection, and constantly tap the depth of the industry.

Power battery in the Chinese market continues to heat up the heat, the relevant state departments concerned about the power safety is also upgraded.

In order to ensure the products can meet the requirements of national safety standards and entered the national directory of new energy vehicles to promote, from the beginning of MCM began implementation of battery testing, personnel study on national standards and policies, power cell and module test standard: GB/T31484, GB/T31485 and GB/T486 have been reviewed by CNAS for to improve the safety of the power battery equipment, a number of new safety testing equipment by equipment manufacturers and cooperation at the same time, the battery detection industry giants - Tianjin eighteen agreement, in order to battery customers to provide testing services necessary to enter the directory.


MCM adhering to the core values of surprise to customers, combined with its own advantages in the battery testing industry and Tianjin eighteen rich resources, to bring customers efficient, timely, low-cost power battery testing services.